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Your networking hub for startups and entrepreneurs in Wien that take action!

About Startup Marketing Hub Vienna

Startup Marketing Hub Vienna is a community of startups and (online) entrepreneurs that take action! We are working on making our startups and businesses a success - every day! We meet on a monthly basis to share best-practices, lessons learned, to network and to help each other out!

We prefer practical talks, group exercises and information that we can apply to our startups, (online) businesses and lifes immediately compared to just "hot air" that is out there in the scene way too often.

If you really want to make your startup (idea) a success, bring your (online) business to the next level or want to network and support young startups this is the right place for you!

Meet motivated and like-minded people who are working towards success and can give you valuable feedback and ideas for your startup and business also.

We have a very informal and friendly atmosphere. We're looking forward to get to know you in person on our next monthly meetup! Just join the Meetup Group and hit the RSVP button! If you are a little bit shy just bring a friend with you! Join us now!

See you on our next Meetup on Thursday, Mar. 10th!
Michael Schnepf

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You want to...

Get on stage!

So you have something valuable to share with our community? Check out the different forms of getting on stage and sharing it below...

You can talk in German or English. The slides should preferably be in English so everyone can follow the talk. After the talk we always have a couple of minutes for Q&A.

Introduce your Startup (Startup Pitching) - SMHV Startup Intro

You want to introduce your Startup? Congratulations, you've found the right place! On our monthly Meetups there are always Startups introducing themselves.

Here at Startup Marketing Hub it's not just about Startup Pitches but it's different. Here, we are more interested to help you than to "just" let you pitch to find a VC partner. We give you valueable feedback and ideas and most of the time have some connections and support that can push your startup forward. We also record videos of the presentations and publish them on our Youtube Channel so you get a wider reach!

So, if you're interested to present your Startup, just shoot me an email via and write some lines about what your startup is all about!

Give a talk - SMHV Keynote / SMHV Lesson Learned

We are always looking forward to interesting presentations! What we're looking for in talks:

  • They should be practical! No theory talks about "hot air"...
  • We always have a little group exercise (5-10 minutes) after the talk so the audience can immediately apply parts of the topic covered to their own startup, business or life in general

Types of talks:

  • Lesson Learned: You tried something out (marketing campaign, hired an employee, etc.) and X happened. Success or "Failure" doesn't matter! It only matters what the lesson is you've learned!
  • Keynote/Expert Talk: You are an expert in the field of marketing, entrepreneurship, productivity, etc. and want to share some of your valuable experiences.

We also record videos of the presentations and publish them on our Youtube Channel so you get a wider reach!

If you have something of value that you want to share with the community just contact me via and we will figure out how it fits into the schedule.

Get feedback from the audience - SMHV Hot Seat

If you are facing a challenge and want to tap into the enormous brain power pool of the SMHV audience to get creative approaches to solutions just utilize our "Hot Seat" where you get up on stage, talk about your startup and your current challenges and then get valuable and in-depth feedback from the crowd!

Interested? Shoot me an email to

Get quick feedback from the audience or share a quick lesson learned - SMHV 30 Seconds Of Fame

If you want to give a quick update on what happened in your startup/business since the last Meetup, a quick lesson learned or you have a challenge and looking for a person that can help you with X just get on stage for the SMHV 30 Seconds Of Fame.

How does it work? Every meetup we have up to 3 Fearless 30 Seconds Warriors that get on stage. You have 30 seconds to talk about

  • A lesson learned
  • Something (knowhow, reach, etc.) you can share or exchange
  • A challenge you are facing and looking for someone in the audience that has experience in that area (eg. legal, development, etc.)
  • A business idea you have and want quick feedback on or looking for a co-founder, etc.
After that you have another minute to get immediate feedback from the audience. The big advantage is, that everyone in the audience knows what your message is or what you are looking for so they can and will approach you later in the networking part of the meetup!

Attention: we always have a very limited number of 30 Seconds Of Fame spots (only up to 3). First come, first served!

So, if you are interested just shoot me a quick message about what you want to talk about to and let me know what you want to talk about. You have also the possibility to let Ana know it during the check-in (if there are still spots available then).

Get the presentation slides and access to tools and templates

If you want to get access to the slides of past presentations, tools and templates and be in the loop for news just click here and enter your first name and email address.

Read the FAQ

Who is this Meetup for?

Startup Marketing Hub Vienna is for
  • Startups looking for market feedback, marketing input, etc.
  • People with ideas looking for co-founders, feedback, etc.
  • Entrepreneurs looking for innovative cooperations and how to bring their business to the next level
  • Online Entrepreneurs (Digital Nomads / Freelancers) who are looking for ways to market their knowledge via products (video courses, Ebooks, blog, Podcast, etc.) to generate a (passive) cashflow
  • Startups that want to bootstrap their business with easy and cost-effective (direct response) marketing
  • Anyone who is interested in Startups, Marketing, (Online) Entrepreneurship, Networking and supporting Young Startups
  • People who have something valuable to share with the community (see also Get on stage!)

What is the language of the event?

Startup Marketing Hubs are bilingual. The presentations are in German and in English - dependent on the speaker and the target group that they are addressing via our Youtube Channel (German-speaking market vs. worldwide),

Most of the presentations are in English. And if not, the slides are usually in English so everyone can follow the presentation!

Are the talks full of "Hot Air" or practical?

I guess you already know the answer! If not, read the upper part of the page again ;-)

Do I have to wear a shirt with tie?

Sorry, ties are forbidden here.

I don't have a startup yet, Am I in the right place here?

Definitely! Time to scent some Startup Air! We are a community of givers - you will find plenty of people to discuss your ideas or find co-founders. But remember to also give. Eg in the form of your feedback to ideas of others or supporting their product launches... What we have seen time and time again is: the more you give, the more support you'll get back when you are finally launching your own product!

I wouldn't consider myself as a startup (anymore) but as an entrepreneur. Is this meetup also for me?

Absolutely! We have plenty of "regular" entrepreneurs here that have businesses for a number of years. Startup Marketing Hub is the perfect place to network, get new cooperation partners and bring your business to the next level. Oftentimes there are just a few marketing processes that need a little tweaking to bring you a significant increase in revenues.

I love Startup Marketing Hub Vienna! How can I support the Meetup?

There are different ways you can support our meetup. The first one is obvious: come to the meetups! Second, if you have something valuable to share Get on stage!. Third, if you know someone who would be an interesting speaker . Forth, like our Facebook Page, subscribe to our Youtube Channel, join our Facebook Mastermind Group and connect with us on all the other channels. And last but not least: tell people about the meetup and bring your friends with you to the next meetup!

Is there an entrance fee to pay or is the event free?

The meetups are free to join. But don't forget to RSVP for the event!

You are always talking about beer - are there other drinks also available?

Yes, besides Beer we also have Club Mate and some Soft Drinks.

How do I get the most out of the meetup?

The more often you come the stronger connections you will build with other regulars and the more support and value you will get out of the community. Its that simple.

Whats the story behind Startup Marketing Hub?

Well, it all started with me sitting over a beer with a friend and realizing that I should connect him with another friend of mine concerning a project they could do together. As this kind of situation happened more and more often a more structured approach made sense: a meetup. Fast forward: as this approach of a meetup of action-takers that help each other out proved to be so effective our meetup is growing and growing and attracting more and more action-takers. Are you the next action-taker that joins us?

Whats the meaning of life?

Well, let's discuss that over a beer on the next meetup!